Page 20 is up!  I have finished penciling the first 2 pages of the next story and well onto the third.  More info on the second story is coming soon.  A couple more weeks and I’ll start teasing it with a bit more detail.  Also the people over at Best Webcomics have posted an interview if you are so inclined.  Its quick and a bit tongue and cheek – LINK   They also gave me my first real press and quote “Great art & Story, a must see!”  So Thank you Best Webcomics!  They have a great database of webcomics out there and tend to have solid advice for creators.  Its a good site to follow and bookmark.

Last but not least I have the remaining Inktober sketches.  Time actually got pretty tight here this week as I stepped up my production with the next story.  It didn’t leave to much time for more involved Inktober endeavors but I managed to crank out a few more and stay on schedule… almost.  Thanks again everyone.  Now that I’m in full production mode I’ll try to post a little bit more about my process.  I have a few tricks from photography that I apply to my comics once they inter the world of photoshop.  They might be handy for some people so I’m happy to share.  Until next week!

dd5_inktober12_5 dd5_inktober13_3 dd5_inktober14_1