In the next story, my main antagonist is wealthy and a bit of a private financier.  What he’s financing and why, is the big question that pushes the story – so no reveals on that here.  But!- He does have his own float plane.  I knew a while back that I wanted to derive the character’s transport from a WWII era PBY Catalina.  My grandfather was in the Coast Guard during the war and was part of a PBY crew stationed in Greenland.

I played around with a few variations with the wings and tail but always kept the main fuselage close the original plane.  I finally settled on additional rudders on the rear stabilizers and a glass ball enclosure on the forward tip of the plane (Stole it from a Mil mi-24 Hind).

It doesn’t play a huge role in the story and is really just there to ferry characters to and from.  But it was an important personal nod to add it to the story.  The script does acknowledge its older vintage and hints at some arctic operations they were used for in the past.  Not sure that will lead to anything for a future story but it certainly helps world building.