station 13

STATION 13 is a deep sea outpost and part of a global NETWORK of elite service posts established to assist those in need by providing rescue, salvage, and exploratory expertise in the air, on land, at sea, and in space. located hundreds of miles out in the largest, deepest ocean, STAION 13 coordinates multiple command and operational platforms, is the farthest from land or any other NETWORK post, and closest to the DROP OFF, a dark, mysterious, uncharted, and unpredictable region of the deep sea. STATION 13’s isolated and extreme environment has earned its command and tactical personnel the reputation of possessing incomparable skill, dedication, bravery, and an unwavering ability to withstand the pressures that come with working in the dangerous, dark, and watery depths.


an elite aquatic response team

DEEP DIVE FIVE, an angler-class submersible and her two-person crew — CAPTAIN V and SAM — is one of STATION 13’s deep water tactical teams. the DEEP DIVE TEAMS are one of the most valuable — and vulnerable — assets of STATION 13 and NETWORK operations, enduring the most extreme conditions, accepting the most daring missions, and often going where no creature has gone before. only those with superior talent and unrelenting resolve have what it takes to join the team. the DEEP DIVE MISSION may be among the most treacherous and unpredictable in the NETWORK, but it also comes with the promise of exploration, discovery, and unexpected adventure.