CAPTAIN V (Venus) – Confident and capable, V is the pilot of the Deep Dive Five submersible. She is quick to dive headfirst into action and – often to her partner Sam’s displeasure – take whatever risks are necessary to get the job done.



SAM – Trustworthy and cautious, Sam is V’s right hand in every operation, using his technical expertise to push the limits of the mechanical and navigational submersible systems.  While he may regard some of her actions as downright reckless, Sam would never hesitate to back V up and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


CHIEF – Stern and serious, the Chief oversees a particularly dangerous region of Station 13 operations – near the Drop Off.  Her absolute first priority is making sure her rescue and salvage crews are taken care of, which can be a particular challenge with the impulsive Deep Dive Five team.




HORN – Skilled and reliable, Horn is the Communications Officer at Regional Station 3 and works directly under the Chief. Horn is an expert at radar, sonar, radio, and all forms of digital communications and tracking.