Just a quick update today.  I’m about 7 pages into thumbnails and bit behind my goal of finishing this week.  The next story has a bit of world building and character dialogue to help flesh things out and I’ve had some break throughs and realizations of issues that set me back.  But that is why you take the time in the first place.  This first story is mostly action and set up but I did want it to have ramifications for our main characters.

I managed to create myself a large buffer by creating about 26 weeks worth of material (Thats 6 months at one page a week) while I figure out exactly how many pages I can manage a week and multitask with the necessary story writing days.  With the first issue I drew everything, then inked everything and finally colored everything.  So gauging how long one page from start to finish takes is a bit difficult.  I have the next 50 to 75 pages of story outlined and the next 24 scripted (some pages are more finalized than others).  Since I’m doing this in my free time its important to assess how much time it takes so I can manage my schedule.  So back to tumbnailing the next adventure!  Until next week, cheers!